What’s The Best Dog Treat To Give To Your Canine?


Among the most wonderful things a person can have in this world is making your dog dance because of happiness every time you give him treats. What’s unfortunate is that, some owners are giving too many dog treats. While it is true that the treats might taste great, having too much of it might cause health issues.

Well, it isn’t like you should stop giving treats at all. You probably have to reward your beloved pet for doing the things that you like and it is nice to indulge your dog occasionally. On the other hand, there are just some treats that could be great for your pet in many ways than one. You’ve got to know that there are foods and treats that you shouldn’t be giving to your pet. To give you an example, it is never advisable to give table scraps as treats for your dog. These can be bag for them in a number of ways actually. Believe it or not, even something that looks harmless as garlic powder might cause digestive problems to your dog.

Not only that, human foods typically contains lots of fat that your dog does not need and it can result to problems for the organs of your dog similar to enlarged or weakened heart and so on. It may even have diabetes. In regards to this, how you can prevent it from happening and what dog treats at pawsiq.com you should be giving to them? On that note, just keep on reading.

Number 1. Stuffed Kongs

The kong toys are perfect as your dog can literally chew on them for years and they will not be destroyed. What’s better, you can put peanut butter, treats and even chunks of meat inside to keep them interested in chewing.

Number 2. Ice Treats

Most dogs love ice unless, they have dental issues. Have you ever seen a dog run at snow bank? Somewhere inside your pet, they’re programmed to love and enjoy frozen water. And the best part, frozen ice treats are free and they are totally healthy for your pet. Check out this website at http://edition.cnn.com/2017/02/06/health/pet-medication-poison-kids-study/index.html and know more about pets.

Number 3. Heavy Big Bones

It is totally fine to give your pet some bones so long as you are watching and supervising your dog. These include heavy and large beef bones. On the other hand, do not give them small bones that they can break or chip particularly ham bones.

Give these dog treats from pawsiq.com to ensure that your pet is at their best all the time.


Benefits Of Cats Dental Treats


One of the primary reasons why cats are brought to the vet is to the dental health concerns. Cat dental treats are probably one of the easiest ways to help care for the dental health of your cat in between brushings and visits to the veterinarian. Cats, just like humans can suffer from various dental problems, usually as a result of poor dental hygiene. According to statistics, 80 percent of adult cats suffer from some periodontal disease.

When buying cat dental treats at pawsiq.com, you must have in mind that small treats will be gobbled up quickly, while a dental chew will last longer. It is important that you keep an eye on your cat while they chew the treat to prevent choking.  You need to consider giving your cat a dental treat or chew to control their most common dental health issues. Here are some benefits of dental treats for cats:

Eliminates the Cat’s Bad Breath

Bad breath is a sign that your cat’s teeth need to be cleaned.  Consider giving your cat a treat that contains chlorophyll.  Giving such dental chews for a cat between cleanings will help freshen the breath of your cat. If your pet cat has a strong or chronic breath, it could be a sign of a gastrointestinal problem.  If it is left untreated, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and lead to heart disease.  If this chronic bad breath continues, you need to consult with your veterinarian. Know more about pets at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/pets.

Controls and Prevents Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Plaque and tartar buildup can cause your cat to suffer numerous dental problems including inflammation and bleeding gums. Tartar buildup can also cause receding gums and tooth loss.  To prevent tartar and plaque buildup, you should consider giving your cat tartar control treat like oral hygiene chews for cats. The treats at pawsiq.com contain enzymes that fight harmful bacteria that can lead to a buildup in your cat’s mouth.

Cat dental treats not only help in enhancing the breath of your cat but also promote healthier gums and teeth.  Even if your cat is young and has not had any oral health problems, it is important that you start working on keeping the problems away now.  You can only do that by buying dental treats for your cat. While they are not a replacement for the vet visit, dental pet treats are a good way of keeping your cat healthy and clean.

The Best Pet Pill Pockets For Dogs And Cats


We are supposed to ensure that the welfare of our dog pets is well taken care of by providing them with proper basic needs. We must be able to give them proper shelter, food and even company so that they will be able to live happily. We also are supposed to give them, medical attention for the sickness treatment and the maintenance treatment such as vaccination and immunization. There are also the supplements that can be given to the dos to make sure that they live healthy and that they get the right nutrient supply in their bodies. For this reason, we are supposed to buy the dogs the pet pill pockets at pawsiq.com today for their nutrient supply in their bodies.

The dogs treats are sold in the nearest vet shop that is near you and they are available suitable for fulfilling various needs for their clients. There are dog oils for a variety of the dogs species depending on their bodily requirements. Today, you can purchase the PawslQ pill treats for dogs today and they will be able to supply your dog with the appropriate body nutrients that they require and are not available in the food that they eat. We must make sure that we are well in touch with their services today so that we will be guaranteed that we get the right pills at pawsiq.com.

 These pills are available for both the dogs and the cats. They are different because the dog and the cat are not from the same species. They however serve the same purpose of making sure that the pet gets the supply of nutrients that are required in their bodies but are not available in their diet. Today, make sure that if at all you have a cat, buy the PawslQ cat dental treats and they will help the cats teeth to grow touch by strengthening their growth today. Learn more about pets at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet.

The mode of administration of the PawslQ products to the pets differ a lot. There are the people who will admit the pet pills orally directly to the pet. Some of the others will be able to min the pills with the pets food and as they eat, they will ingest it and it will be utilized by the body as it is being digested with the other food. The PawslQ products are available in the pet shops that are near you today. Make sure that you buy the right one for your pet.